What we do

Video is the core of our business. Smart Cuts provides experienced producers and camera crews for the following services:

  • Concept design – assistance finding effective, original ideas
  • Storytelling – journalistic script writing experience in both English and French
  • Showcase videos – highlighting organizations and companies
  • Advertising – showcasing projects or products
  • Training videos – improving internal communications
  • Explainer videos – explaining programs, concepts and campaigns
  • Interviews – shot in-house or at our studio
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Why 4k?

Show off your campus or your event, indoors or outdoors. Show it from on high. Drone shots are almost always a great addition to a video production. We also provide drone image captionture for industrial purposes and monitoring.

Communication through animation is fresh and highly effective at passing along complex information. 3D, traditional 2D, motion graphics, whiteboard, mix of video and animation, at Smart Cuts we offer styles to fit just about any budget or deadline.

Watch complete animated film samples.

Watch samples of bumpers/jingles we created.

Your customers are on social networking sites and they love video: Facebook and Snapchat top 8 billion daily views, not to mention YouTube. Don’t miss out on promoting your brand with social video. We can provide solutions for all budgets, from iPhone recorded web series to monthly studio shoots and videos that address questions your customers post online.


Smart Cuts + Facebook

Collaborating to create better mobile content

Facebook's Geneva team to help Nestlé optimize its video content for mobile devices.
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Turn watching online video from a passive into an active experience. Add links to your videos that allow viewers to skip to other parts of the video or to other content that interests them. Interactive video has enormous potential to give your viewers an experience they won't forget.

At Smart Cuts we use the Rapt platform to deliver reliable interactive video to our customers. Click on the image in this panel to discover how this technogoly works and to get an idea of what it could do for you.

NOTE: Rapt Media is just one platform we can use to host your interactive videos online. We can also use YouTube if this more suited to your communication framework.

Interactive video

Good lighting, multiple cameras, smooth audio – we guarantee top quality interview shoots, in-house or at our studio. We can add cut away shots from video we shoot, from video or stills you provide or from our own archives. Green screening available.
The sample in the player on your right shows just the interview cuts taken from a film we made for the International Standards Organization (ISO). This interview with pilot and co-founder of Solar Impulse André Borschberg was shot at Solar Impulse’s Mission Control Center in Monaco.
Please click here to watch the fully edited film.

Watch more interview samples.

VR and AR are increasingly being used to define, develop and deploy new audiovisual experiences, whether to convince customers, donors or voters. This technology can help you cut through the marketing madness out there, and it will clearly identify you as an innovative communicator.

We can advise on when this technology will give you a boost or when it will backfire. And we can help you make your first project come to life for your target audience like never before.

Other Services

In the face of an ever-changing digital landscape, let us help you steer a winning course through the waves of new trends and technologies:

  • Recast your web strategy to achieve the best mix of technologies and platforms for your business or organization;
  • Take advantage of mobile devices to reach your target audience;
  • Boost your online presence and communication with search engine optimization;
  • Engage on the right platforms to optimize your social networking investments;
  • Keep your website and your web presence fresh, focused and smart.

Other Services

We have two studios, both soundproofed and equipped with LED lighting, boom mics and green-screens.

Studio-S is 3x5m and ideal for 1-person interviews/performances or 2-person panel discussions.

Studio-L is 5x6m and better suited to productions that require more action or actors.

Other Services

Events, conferences, concerts, press, travel, documentary - we provide professional photography as a stand-alone service or as a complement to video coverage.

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We cover congresses, conferences, concerts, sports and other events. We work with a network of partners locally and abroad to the following services:

  • Multi-camera / steadycam shooting
  • Live mix and projection on big screens
  • Live web-streaming
  • Satellite uplink or internet server transmission
  • Post-production facility setup
  • Video press releases, highlights and webcasts

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Broadcast speeches, press conferences, and all manner of events live online. You can do this on your YouTube Channel or any of the other web streaming platform and even embed the player on your website. It doesn't have to be complicated or expensive either, but to get decent quality and reliability, it's not as easy as hooking up a webcam. We offer two options to help you with your streaming:

Option A: you stream
This is the DIY option, with a bit of help from your friends at Smart Cuts. We look at the equipment you already have, recommend the most cost-effective additions if needed and configure everything for you. Once tested, you're on your way and we remain at your disposal via a hotline for extra help.

Option B: we stream
We take care of everything for you from A to Z. Depending on your budget and desires, we can do a simple one-camera shoot and stream or we can captionture your event with multiple cameras, mix live and broadcast directly online.

Other Services

Our selection of rental equipment is ideal for anyone looking to run a professional video production, live or with post production, at a reasonable budget.
To review our selection and make a booking, simply click on the button below and fill out the order form. We'll get back to you quickly.

Other Services

Donors, clients and the public want to see what difference your organization or company is making on the ground. The best way to tell your story is to see and hear from those people whose lives are being improved by your work, service or product. But how do you find those stories? You can send a cameraman and or a journalist to the field but it’s expensive and, in the end, you only get a snapshot.

Why not train your field operators to tell the stories themselves. They know the impact. They see the progress. They know the people. They just need a bit of advice on basic equipment, storytelling and the video editing process. We offer in-the-field training or Geneva-based seminars on the following:

  • How to find and tell compelling stories;
  • How to use basic camera equipment and iPhones to shoot footage;
  • Cost-effective solutions to stabilize, cast light and generally improve image and audio quality;
  • How to edit and submit these video for online feedback and approval by headquarters;
  • How to archive the final product and transfer it by internet.

  • Click here for more information: Smartcuts training

Other Services


    - you need video but don’t have time to hammer out a script? Send us the information and we’ll write it for you. It’s easier to take it from there than from a blank page.

Voice overs

    - we have the artists with just the right age, tone or accent.


    - if your communications team can do a lot in house but needs a few pointers, we can come in and help make sure those interviews are well lit, well shot and well cut.

Storage and archiving

    - are your company hard drives cluttered with bits and pieces of video you can’t track down, saved in the wrong formats? We’ll sort things out for you and make sure it’s there when you need it.

Other Services

How we do it

Who we do it for

Global Fund
Global Fund
Clara Haskil Int Piano Comp

...and many more.

Customer recommendations & reviews:

"Smart Cuts director and producer Lucas Chambers, along with sound recordist Marc Jordan, delivered more than I could have hoped for. Beyond professional service, I got efficiency, resourcefulness, and good advice during the two days of production in Switzerland. This team clearly knew what they were doing and they did it well and with good humor under sometimes quite challenging circumstances."

Mike Olcott, Senior Producer, National Geographic

“They have added variety and a dynamic feel to the interviews they have shot; they have competently managed productions in which retakes were not an option; their editing skills are impressive and we are also very pleased with the quality of the animated elements they have been asked to add to some of our videos. All around Smart Cuts is a company we have confidence in.”

Jacquelyn Campo,Corporate Communications Manager, Nestlé-Nespresso

"Smart Cuts shot and edited a series of interviews for us, including some high-profile speakers at the Geneva University Hospital and UNAIDS headquarters. We were very pleased with the service we got: fast, flexible, friendly and professional. We particularly appreciated having someone with broadcast TV journalism experience to coach our speakers and provide some editorial input on the scripts. We were also happy with the fast turnaround Smart Cuts delivered in post-production.

Dr. Siliva Bertagnolio,Medical Officer, World Health Organization

"I have personally had the chance of hiring the services and directly working with Smart Cuts on different occasions and have been more than satisfied each time. The level of technical and political complexity of the assignments was relatively high. We were impressed with the quality and style of both the graphic elements and the storytelling that the Smart Cuts team came up with under a very tight deadline. I highly recommend this agency. Their approach is friendly and their work is professional. They also clearly have solid experience working within the UN system."

Anne Drouin, Chief of Public Finance, Actuarial and Statistics Services Branch, Social Protection Department, ILO

"Smart Cuts handled everything very competently and provided excellent post-production support and advice. The team was friendly, efficient and professional. I highly recommend their services and fully intend to call on them again for further audiovisual production."

Enrico Zamparo,Principal Training and Education Specialist, Medtronic

"Their online storyboarding system made communication effective in the pre-production phase and their video draft feedback tool made giving feedback at the end clear and easy. The attitude at Smart Cuts was friendly, professional and adaptable, so it is without any hesitation that I would recommend this company."

Boualem Belbachir,Deputy Head of Digital Communication Unit, ICRC

"I mandated Smart Cuts to film open heart surgery. This was live coverage, projected on a big screen in one of the hospital’s auditoriums. I was fully satisfied with the service I got. I am grateful to Smart Cuts for their excellent work and I highly recommend this company that seemed very efficient and professional."

Matthias Kirsch,Deputy Head of Cardiac Surgery, CHUV

“Overall we found the Smart Cuts team to be responsive, communicative and professional. We would not hesitate to recommend them for audiovisual production. .”

Maria Lazarte,Communications Specialist, ISO

“I have worked with Smart Cuts for years now, and have been systematically satisfied with their service. I find the communications with Smart Cuts during a production particularly appreciable. They are easy to reach, easy to talk to, fast to react to feedback and flexible. Given the imponderables inherent in any production, this is immeasurably valuable.”

Borjana Pervan,Head of Communications, International Cocoa Initiative

“We were worried about the coverage of our live draw event in London, but thanks to Smart Cuts it all went smoothly, including the web streaming. We were very happy with their service and would not hesitate to call on them again.”

Magdalena Lucsak, Project Manager, World Series of Boxing

“Responsive, creative, and professional. Great to work with.”

Mark Gnadt, Communications officer, IUCN Global Forest and Climate Change Program

"It's not easy to find professional, affordable video help in Suisse Romande. Add a tight budget, urgent deadline and a vague brief, and the task seems impossible. Luckily, the team at Smart Cuts thrived on the challenge, asking the right questions, devising a plan and script in time, and handling the interviewees with a knack that only comes with a lifetime of broadcast experience. All that at a superb price. Smart!"

Michael Kewley, Director of Marketing , International School of Geneva

How much we do it for

This will give you an idea of our rates. We charge about 20% below the industry standard in Switzeland.

Don't hesitate to send us a brief for an accurate quote.

Regressive rate The longer we work for you the less you pay: 10% off the daily rate per day up to a maximum of 40%. So if day 1 = 800.- then day 2= 720.-, day 3 = 648.- and so on until the min. daily rate of 525.- is reached. Half day rate is 450.-
Concept design & Storyboarding Day rate = 800.- Regressive rate applies.
Video shooting Day rate = 800.- per camera operator, including full equipment. Extra fees may apply on various camera models and special equipment, such as motorized jibs, drones, etc. Director of Photography day rate = 1,000.- Regressive rate applies.
Video shooting abroad Same as video shooting above. Transport, accommodation, visas, vaccinations and other travel costs are not included. Travel days are charged at 450.- per day.
Video editing Day rate = 800.- per editor. Regressive rate applies.
Animation added to video Add approx. 400.- per 2D motion graphics animated element (e.g. animated diagram). Add approx. 800.- per 3D animated element.
*Name bumpers, top and tail logos and credits are included free of charge.
Voice over (VO) 300.- to 500.- per language for 1-10 min of script. Price depends on the artist. Add 50.- per 2 minutes thereafter.
Subtitling 50.- per language / min. of voice over (script translation not included).
Script writing 300.- per minute of script.
Music 150.- per copyright free track. Original compositions available as of 300.-
Budget The equipment available nowadays allows us to offer high quality live production for nearly half the price of the professional setup. Please get in touch for more details about the difference. We use Sony PXW-X70 cameras, a Blackmagic ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K switcher, a Teradek VidiU encoder for webstreaming and Hyperdeck Studio recorders. Our regressive rate applies to all live video production configurations up to 20% off per week.
1 camera and post production editing (inserting logos, top and tail and name bumpers) 1,250.- for 1 day event.
2 cameras, live mix, post production editing 3,000.- Add 800.- per extra operated camera. Add 250.- per extra stand-alone camera.
Webcasting Add 800.- + possible fees linked to rental of dedicated bandwidth, hosting server and distribution.
E.g.: If we stream to your YouTube account, no fees apply provided you have sufficient bandwidth.
Pro If a professional setup is what you need, we can provide: Sony HXC-100 cameras, Fujinon lenses (18X 7.6, 36X 10.5) + CCU triax optic fiber + RCP-1500 image control, Sony MCS-8M mixer and 16x16HD video router, Live Elemental LS023 encoder.
1 camera and post production editing (inserting logos, top and tail and name bumpers) 2,000.-
2 cameras, live mix, post production editing 3,800.- Add 1,200.- per extra operated camera. Add 600.- per extra stand-alone camera.
Webcasting Add 1,000.- + possible fees linked to rental of dedicated bandwidth, hosting server and distribution.

The player on the right shows samples of each type of animation mentioned below for your reference.

NOTE: The following are included in the rates: Project management, script writing assistance, storyboarding, animation and changes to drafts and delivery in the formats of your choice. See video production above for cost of voice overs + music & sound effects. Final price may vary depending on the complexity of the project.
Whiteboard basic 3,500.- for the first minute + 500.- per extra minute.
Whiteboard advanced 3,750.- for the first minute + 750.- per extra minute.
Basic motion graphics 4,000.- for the first minute + 1,500.- per extra minute. *See below for discount conditions.
Advanced motion graphics 4,500.- for the first minute + 2,000.- per extra minute. *See below for discount conditions.
Hand-drawn 5,000.- for the first minute + 2,500.- per extra minute. *See below for discount conditions.
3D animation 5,000.- for the first minute + 3,000 per extra minute. *See below for discount conditions.
*2% discount per minute above 5 minutes.
See video production rates above for cost of subtitling and extra languages.

We run basic and advanced courses for both full video production and just video editing. Don't hesitate to contact us for training tailored to your specific needs. Courses can be run at our offices or yours.

Video production training basic 2,200.- total for up to 6 participants. Runs 3 days. Download the course program
Video production training advanced 3,200.- total for up to 6 participants. Runs 5 days. Download the course program
Video editing course basic 800.- total for up to 6 participants. Runs 1 day. Download the course program
Video editing course advanced 2,750.- total for up to 6 participants. Runs 4 days. Download the course program
Other Services

Meet the team

Smart Cuts is well established on the video production scene in the Lake Geneva region. Created in 2008 to meet the growing demand for multimedia services, the firm's business model is designed to streamline costs without affecting quality. By combining fresh, creative energy with experienced management, we make sure you get the very best at a price you’ll find hard to beat.

The core team

Lucas Chambers

Lucas Chambers

Founder and Director

Previously a video-journalist for the Canadian and Swiss Broadcasting Corporations, Lucas has the technical, editorial and managerial skills needed to run the Smart Cuts ship. Full of ideas and a born communicator, he makes sure great work gets done in a great way.

Jean Chessex

Jean Chessex

Artistic Director

Jean is prized in the company for his artistic soul and his keen eye for composition. When he falls in love with a project, we just can't hold him back. He trained at Lausanne’s acclaimed École Cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ECAL), and he’s our best man behind the camera, the man who makes sure that your image and sound quality is second to none.

Martine Brocard

Martine Brocard

Chief Editor

Martine is our wordsmith in French and logistician. A linguist from the University of Lausanne, since turned journalist, she is a ruthless editor and organizer. She’s the one who feeds the perfectionist in all of our closets.

Marc Jordan

Marc Jordan

Interactive Media Designer

Yes, yes, they do exist. IMDs are a rare and precious breed, but we did finally catch one prowling the halls of the École Romande d'Art et Communication (ERACOM) in Lausanne. What they do is a bit of a mystery, but then so is what makes good art, and that’s what Marc is all about.


Kristina Biritskaya

Production Assistant

Color grading is her thing. Luminosity, RGB levels – she has them in her DNA, but communications and marketing are equally native to this ultra-talented member of our lucky team. She helps with lighting, audio, and just about everything else, intoxicating staff and clients with her indomitable can-do spirit.

Marc Jordan

Paul Perret-Gentil

Animator and cameraman

Paul is the brilliant, silent type, who’s equally at ease getting tons of input from the team as he is going solo on a project when we’re all too busy in production. He’s versatile, at ease behind the camera, the video editing suite, crazy animation programs and the herbal tea pot.

Regular collaborators

Daniel Wait

Daniel Wait


An award-winning stop motion animator and motion graphics designer, Daniel has worked for top-name brands around the world. We admire his knack for the right style, his eye for design and his undying passion for the latest trends and software in the industry.

Nibe Mbumba

Nibe Mbumba


Trained at Lausanne’s visual arts school Ceruleum, Nibe ended up on the team one day, we can’t really remember how, but ever since then it’s been a love affair, especially between him and our clients. They love his style, his eye for what works, his sense of atmosphere. When an animation project is on a tight deadline and simply can’t afford a false start, we put him on the case.

Thierry Gana

Thierry Gana


Despite his cool appearance, Thierry is in fact the Fast & Furious of animation. A certified multimedia magician, he always strives to cast a bigger, better, bolder spell. Once he’s sunk his teeth into a project he just won’t let go. He doesn’t sleep, doesn’t eat until the job is done dazzlingly well. So if your project is impossible and requires a stroke of genius, we’ll call in the mage!

Liam Chambers

Liam Chambers

Camera operator

Liam is all about the cameras and wielding them in the studio, in the field and anywhere our video missions take him. It’s hard to pin him down to the post-production editing, but once nailed to his seat, his flair for the right cut, the right track at the right time makes for the right stuff.

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