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Cornerstone one of our concept design and strategy service: clear, concise and totally original. Our highly-skilled team helps you leverage high-impact creative communication techniques and ideas to get your message across, solve your biggest challenges and activate opportunities for growth.

Image showing three chess pieces with the words less is more in dramatic lighting to illustrate the concept design and creative communications strategy service offered by SmartCuts creative agency studio in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland.


Cornerstone two of our concept design and strategy service: make a memorable impression. Here’s a sample campaign we handled for The US Mission to the UN in support of Doreen Bogdan-Martin’s bid for the top job at ITU. Among the assets we planned and produced were a promo video, social media campaign, Powerpoint presentation, pull-up banners, brochures in various languages, a CV and more. All this had to be intelligently integrated, of course, as well as well designed and crafted. Everyone was proud of the results, and the social media video was even tweeted by the US Secretary of State.

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Cut Through the Noise

Cornerstone three of our concept design and strategy service: stand out for all the right reasons. We help you do that by implementing powerful, proactive, and passionate media relations tactics. Here’s a shortlist of what we can do for you:

Image showing sparks flying in a welding shop to illustrate the PR, marketing and communications services offered by SmartCuts creative agency studio in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland for the purposes of creative communication.


As we did for Doreen Bogdan-Martin’s successful campaign to the top job at ITU, SmartCuts Creative produced all the multimedia content for Amy E. Pope’s PR campaign for the director’s seat at the International Migration Commission (IOM).

See the full case study.

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Concept Design & Creative Communication Strategies Applied to Video

Q&A on Concept Design & Strategy

Why concept design & strategy?

A concept is not a message, rather the blueprint underlying a solid creative communications strategy. This strategy then outlines a plan of the best media, timing, and platform to reach a specific demographic and induce from them the desired action. When a creative communications strategy is implemented with determined variables, it can be evaluated for effectiveness through data collection. Did the chosen concept deliver your message to your target audience, within a determined time frame, and engage them to follow through on the call-to-action presented? The answers to these questions will let you know if the communications strategy implemented succeeded or failed to captivate and motivate your target audience. Other points of evaluation in a creative communications campaign are website traffic, new subscribers, and ultimately sales. Good creative communications concepts do not confuse, dilute, or obscure a message. For these reasons concept design and strategy resulting in effective creative communications can go unrecognized and undervalued because it looks so simple. The best communications campaigns have been developed by designers at the top of their creative games.

Why with SmartCuts?

SmartCuts Creative knows how to present your message through the full gamut of media, strategically release that media, and measure its success through the collection of target demographic engagement data. Yes, that’s right, we know how to do all that. SmartCuts Creative’s  concept design & strategy development  process is designed to reflect your  core values, establish a personal connection with your target audience, and position your company or organization in the mind of your clients as better than your competition. Concept notes, roadmaps, moodboards, storyboards, scripts, layouts, and samples are provided for your input before final production. Smartcuts Creative will optimize and implement the same concept across all digital and legacy media platforms to ensure your creative communications campaign  is second to none. We are able to work efficiently and produce top-quality media because our team has deep technical knowledge and enough workflow foresight to avoid time-wasting mistakes. Being able to wield technical tools at an expert level opens up creative avenues that inexperienced producers just don’t have access to. Designing and running creative communications campaigns is among the most exciting work we do. You’re in capable and effective hands with us.

How does it work?

We start by understanding your brand positioning and the current message you want to communicate. We determine the best media, as well as the most effective platforms, to communicate your message to your target demographic. Then the fun begins; research, brainstorming, concept development, revisions, refinements, rough drafts, client feedback, etc. SmartCuts Creative also works within any practical parameters you may have outlined, including budgets and timelines. We are truly at your service. We work according to your feedback and are agile and responsive to unforeseen changes that may come up along the way. Every project and client is unique. SmartCuts Creative is a part of your team, not an independent satellite. We’re waiting to get to know you and your brand to deliver tailored and a highly effective concept design & strategy for all your creative communications needs.

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