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When the US Mission approached us as the agency of choice to join them in masterminding a creative communications campaign for Doreen Bogdan-Martin, we were naturally thrilled to be part of the collaborative journey.

Our brief was to create a strong graphic look and feel for Doreen’s push to get the top job at the International Telecommunications Union. It had to translate well across a variety of marketing communications assets, from brochures to business cards, social media cards and a campaign video, that we were also mandated to produce. A 12-page brochure was the signature piece responsible for cementing the look and feel of the campaign and it was vital to achieve the right blend of imagery, colors and visual tonality.

We devised a modern square format applying Helvetica Neue bold and regular as the font of choice, as well as strong graphic imagery and an unusual but distinctive color palette. These elements served as the driving force behind Doreen’s three visionary pillars at the center of her campaign. The rest of the marketing and communications material followed suit, adopting the strong visual direction.

The Campaign Video

Image showing a tweet post from the US secretary of state to illustrate the concept design and strategy service offered by SmartCuts creative agency studio in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland for the purposes of creative communication.

This is the campaign video we designed, shot and produced for Doreen’s campaign. Done in record time and with little scope for shooting covering footage, it was nonetheless lauded all the way to the top of the US Department of State.

On your left you can see US State Secretary Antony Blinken’s Tweet with the video produced by SmartCuts.

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