Amy Pope PR campaign

Multimedia content for communications

Mandated by the US Mission to the UN, SmartCuts produced all the multimedia content used in Amy E. Pope’s campaign to become director of the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

As with Doreen Bogdan-Martin’s campaign for top job at ITU, our mission here was to create impactful graphics and a tasteful look and feel for a campaign that would lasts months and require video, flyers, brochures, social media cards, business cards, a CV and more. All content had to mesh and support the entire span of the campaign’s marketing and communications assets. With a short time frame within which to operate, due to Amy’s demanding campaign schedule, we worked quickly to establish a strong concept and to produce all the material she needed to get rolling.

The linchpin of the campaign’s marketing was a video that would entail an interview setup complimented by supportive, stock and archival footage. The result is a truly poignant encapsulation of Amy’s vision for the future of the IOM and the challenges that lie ahead in a world currently facing critical levels of human displacement. The rest of the PR, marketing and communications material followed suit, adopting the strong visual direction.

The PR Campaign Video

image of US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, endorsing american candidate for IOM leadership on social media.

This is the campaign video we produced for Amy E. Pope’s PR campaign. The social media post on the left is the US Secretary of State endorsing her PR campaign. Antony Blinken went on to retweet Amy’s campaign video. You can see the original post here.

The Digital & Print Marketing

image of a man reading a brochure as part of pr campaign run by smartcuts creative
Front page of a PR campaign brochure created by SmartCuts for the US Mission to the UN in Geneva
Sample page from a PR campaign brochure produced by SmartCuts Creative for the US Mission to the UN in Geneva
A page taken from Amy Pope's PR campaign brochure designed by SmartCuts Creative in Geneva, Switzerland
Image of business cards created by SmartCuts Creative Agency in Lausanne and Geneva
Image of a CV created by SmartCuts Creative in Geneva for Amy Pope's PR campaign.

The Social Marketing

Social media content produced by SmartCuts Creative agency in Geneva for the US Mission to the UN.
Cards made for social media by SmartCuts Creative in Geneva for Amy Pope's PR campaign.

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