The Edge at Pan Pacific Hotel

Where food
becomes theater

At Edge, the aim was to break traditional flavor boundaries and address the balance with fine food that catered to a local, regional and western palate.

Our brief as an agency was to create an identity that was refined, stylish and simple. Edge needed a look that was worthy of an upscale dining experience in a vibrant open-plan venue, where food becomes theater. We wanted to produce a look and feel that would not be associated with any one form of cuisine, while not being generic or boring. And since the open plan dining experience was one of a multitude of restaurants at the Pan Pacific, it needed to work alongside other brands under the corporate hotel brand umbrella.

Aside from signage, menu cards and business collateral, we adapted the visual identity across digital platforms and devised an easy to use iPad menu that encapsulated the full range of cuisine in a user-friendly, scrollable format.

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