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When Simplifire approached us some time back they were keen to stand out from the competition both from an operational and visual point of view. They were quick to point out that their product was a simple and cheap digital negotiation platform with smart, time-saving features aimed at sophisticated users as well as low-frequency, less sophisticated contracting parties. They maintained that Simplifire gives both sides of a contract negotiation a shared platform to move quickly and jointly towards contract conclusion.

Our job was to create a user-friendly responsive platform for digital negotiation that was both easy to use and eye catching. The design was clean and contemporary with an easy-to-follow navigation system that guides the user seamlessly from section to section.

The site uses a primary color palette, bold headlines and infographics that embellish the user experience. We took into account that the lion share of contract sharing web and mobile platforms fail to address the consumer’s most basic questions from the get-go. Hence the site opens with a series of testimonials from real life people that address some of the concerns of contract sharing and negotiations. 

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