Social Media Campaign Against TB

The World Health Organization, has become a regular client of SmartCuts Creative’s, including when it comes to producing social media video and doing social media marketing.

The UN agency contacts us often to help it communicate on various campaigns through social media video. We have worked especially with the department dealing with Tuberculosis, doing animation, video and animation combined, as well as social media video adaptations.

Busy as they are, the WHO task forces typically send us their key messages in bullet points, which we then work into a draft script. The script is always the backbone of any social media video project, unless, of course, there is no voice over. During this part of pre-production, we submit shortlists to WHO of both voice over artists we feel will fit the bill, as well a music tracks.

Once these are selected, and once the script is finalized, we create an online storyboard. We use a tool called Boords for this, which is a third-party professional solution for drafting storyboards (view a sample storyboard at SmartCuts). These are particularly important for social media animation projects, not only because graphics are, for obvious reasons, harder to envisage in exact form than real actors and sets for video shoots, but also because graphics take time to create and animate, so we really want to make sure that everyone is on the same page before we start to make all that happen.

WHO, like many of our clients, particularly appreciate the tool we use for feedback on social media video drafts. Once the graphics have been animated, we send what we call VRPs – Video Review Pages, which allow the viewer to click anytime, anywhere on the video to insert a comment.

Depending on the complexity of the project, we may start off with hand sketches. Once these are vetted and approved by the customer, we then turn them into CGs (computer graphics). Again, these get a round of review and modifications before we move on to actual animation.

This comment gets automatically time-coded and appears both as a dot on the video, but also in full form in the margin on the right. It makes providing feedback on animation and social media video so much easier than using email, pdfs or other text-based documents that are not kept current in real-time. Once all is ship-shape and as you want it, we deliver the final animation via Dropbox or any file transfer protocol of your choice.

Read WHO’s Google review for SmartCuts Creative.

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