The 2-minute story

Told by the CEO, Lucas Chambers

Why SmartCuts?

“Can I get a haircut at your studio?”

While it’s true that many barber shops around the world love the name, we found it equally applicable to our line of work. So what’s in the name? It goes far back to the illustrious past. When asked how, out of a big chunk of marble, he had made the perfection that still is David, Michelangelo simply replied, “I cut away all that was not David.” That is what we aspire to do at SmartCuts: cut away all that is imperfect to leave only the best.

What began as a one-man band back in 2009 has grown into a 10-strong agency, dedicated to chiseling away until only the best remains. Our tools used to be mostly cameras and editing suites, but we have since morphed into a fully-fledged creative communications service, providing all manner of content, from digital marketing to 3D animation. The reason for this stems from you, our clients: over the years we realized you wanted all-round communication advice and support on top of our customary audiovisual services. You spoke. We listened. And here we are now, a one-stop creative communications agency, ready and roaring to help you Say it Smart.

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