A Well-Rounded, Professional Video Production Service

We all know it, video is essential in communications today, whether it be for external marketing or for internal messaging and training. But we also know that making high-quality video is no cake walk, and doing it in-house often turns out to be trickier than it seems.

with you all the way

Fullframe Creative’s video production team is there for you, A to Z, from video concept design to online optimization and strategy, including, of course, professional filming and skillful and creative video editing.

Although following a merger with SmartCuts Fullframe became a full-service communications agency, it was formerly specialized uniquely in video production, which says a lot about our core specialty. Video production is in our DNA. We have spent 10 years in the business and have 10,000 hours of experience in all video production genres, from corporate films to marketing videos and social media video production.

Image d'un réalisateur de vidéo discutant avec un client autour d'une caméra

Video Production that’s a Cut Above – Our Best of

Video Production – Geneva & Lausanne

We shoot and produce videos all over Switzerland, but we are most present, active and reactive in the Lake Geneva region.

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