SmartCuts – Product Demo Video production showreel

Watch our showreel to see samples of the work we have done in product demo video. This type of work requires a mastery of lighting, animation, macro videography and lots of special extras, like light boxes, rotating platforms, and more. We strive to make your product stand out and to deliver clear and concise information about it through professionally produced videos.


The Rhine Valley Motor Company contacted SmartCuts to produce a product demo video for the Shanghai Motor Show. Our mandate was not just to promote Rhiva’s flagship technology, but also to promote the brand, as a whole. This video is, therefore, a combination of a product demo and a company film.

Watch this product demo video and read the full case study.

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We do product demo videos for Medtronic all the time. From clinical shoots in live operation situations to controlled studio product shoots, we’ve covered many of Medtronic’s technical medical equipment launches, including the Midas Rex range of specialized drills. This video is the introduction to a series of clips on these high-precision tools.

Watch this product demo video and read the full case study.

Read Medtronic’s review of SmartCuts Creative.


This product demo video was a challenge because we had to do it all with just photos and animated elements. Various restrictions made a video shoot problematic, but with creativity and good guidance from the client, we were able to put something compelling together.

Watch this product demo video and read the full case study.

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Zurich Instruments is a regular client for which we do a lot of product demos, shot mostly in our studio. The mandate for Zhinst calls for carefully controlled shoots using a rotating plate, slider and other product demo video techniques and equipment. Animated typography super-imposed on the footage with motion-tracking is also a must for most Zhinst product demo videos.

Watch this product demo video and read the full case study.

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Product demos video gallery

Product Demo Video case study

Rhiva Demonstration Videos

Product Demo Video & Brand Awareness for Rhiva

“Showcase our flagship product, all the while raising awareness of our brand.” That was the mission entrusted to us by the Rhine Valley Motor Company, based in Liechtenstein. The product demo aspect of this video was not the hardest to produce. That was clearly claimed by the brand promo part of the video, which called for us to drive all the way to Holland and back in record time. But the product demo was arguably the most important part of the film.

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To showcase Rhiva’s electrical drive unit, we opted for 3D modeling and animation, set against the dramatic waterfall at Rheinfelden. We felt the power of nature created a perfect backdrop for this product demo because, not only is the Rhine River key to the brand, but it is also a symbol of clean energy. Flying a drone right over the falls, our crew captured exactly what our animation team needed to then bring in the engine in post-production and pull it apart in 3D to show its main functionalities.

The whole production was done under the gun. It had to be ready for the Shanghai motor show, and we only had a month or so to get it all right. While one crew was driving a Porsche Taycan to Holland with a drone in the trunk, the other was busy on After Effects and other animation programs to craft the product demo. We put it all together, fast and furious, and we delivered on time and on target.

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Product Demo Video case study

Medtronic Production Videos

Medical Product Demo Video

Product demo videos are an important part of Medtronic’s communication strategy, both toward its own staff but also toward surgeons and other medical personnel that use their high-tech equipment. We shoot and edit a lot of these for the company’s medical education department. This case study focuses on a series we did for Medtronic’s Midas Rex cranial drills. It’s the first of many videos, each of which focuses on one particular drill or tool in the palette. For this production we traveled to a clinic in Newcastle, England, where we were quickly confronted with the rather gruesome reality of filming surgeons drilling into severed heads.

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Not the everyday shoot, but when you’re focused on your work as a videographer, you easily overlook the subject per se, and concentrate on the technicalities and on getting the shot right.

We also had to shoot very specific manipulations of tools against a white screen brought to the clinic for the purpose. Careful planning, storyboarding, organization, lighting, macro lenses, and attention to detail were all key parts of this product demo series.

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Product Demo Video case study

DuPont Product Trials

DuPont Product Demo Video

DuPont hired us to put together a product demo video for their Clear Tedlar solar panel technology. The challenge was to use only photos they could provide, and to turn those into something visually compelling. We helped hone the script, added animated elements, stock footage, music, and with a solid voice over it all came together well. We chose this case study to show that product demo videos can come in various forms, notably without any video footage at all. Opting for a solution like this is clearly also easier on the budget. DuPont was very pleased with the results.

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Product Demo Video case study

Brand videos for Zurich Instruments

Zurich Instruments Product Demo Video

Zhinst designs and builds precision measuring equipment in Zurich, Switzerland. For a long time, the company was doing its product demos and promotional videos in-house, but the time came to up the ante and start putting out more professional looking work. That’s when we got the call.

Initially we simply overlaid animation on footage still shot in-house. But eventually Zhinst started outsourcing more and more of their product demo video production to SmartCuts. They now ship their machines to us and cross the country to come and shoot in our studio. Our collaboration keeps ramping up and we’re delighted to shore up this up-and-coming company.

Zhinst requires careful studio product demo shoots, with lots of attention to detail and meticulous planning and lighting. Their team is demanding, but a pleasure to work with. Here are a few product demo videos we have produced together.

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Why product demo videos?

How does your product work and why do I need it? Product demonstration videos can answer these questions emphatically and persuasively. A product demo video can convince viewers to become new owners of your already well-known product, or introduce your new product to the marketplace and cut through the noise of conventional media advertising. Product demo videos are often presented by the product’s inventor and company owner or a spokesperson. Client testimonials, as well as celebrity endorsements, compliment scripted scenarios, highlighting your product’s attributes. It is also important to emphasize why your product is better than all its existing competition, so that even consumers that own a different brand or iteration are convinced to invest in a newer version. A product demo video is the next best thing to being able to hold a product in your hand. Create a product demo video with SmartCuts Creative, and we’ll help you place your product in as many hands as possible.

Why with SmartCuts Creative?

SmartCuts Creative has the production of product demo videos down to a perfect science. We know how to make your product a star. We have the best tech equipment and our professional staff has the highest training, ensuring you get the shots you need to make your product demo video a commercial success. Close-up, over-head, underwater, aerial, and 360 degree green-screen are just some of the point-of-view options we have in our toolbox. SmartCuts Creative also directs lighting and evaluates frame composition, so that your product is always the central focus. SmartCuts will record high-quality audio so that every word describing your product is loud and clear. We want our product demo videos to represent our video production studio, just as much as they sell your product. We ensure your viewers are going to be wowed by first impressing ourselves. Every new product in design, action, and purpose, is an expression of human ingenuity, and curious and creative minds are waiting to hear all about your product and to see it in action. Call SmartCuts Creative today to talk about the production of your next product demo video!

How does it work?

Bring your concept for your product demo video to SmartCuts Creative, and we will make it a reality. Once we understand the direction you would like to go with your product demo video, we will storyboard and script the entire shoot. From there, we prepare the studio, determine the crew and equipment required for each day of filming, and make sure we get every angle covered before moving on to post-production. In post-production, your product demo video is edited to keep a dynamic pace and backed up with the perfect ambient audio and sound effects that keeps your audience wanting to see what comes next. You and your product deserve the star treatment and SmartCuts has a director’s chair with your name on it. All you have to say is “ACTION!”.

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