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Capturing those key moments, having the lens trained on the right place at the right time, anticipating, reacting quickly, but also understanding human drama – sadness, joy, fear and iron-cast will to win. It takes that and more to shoot and produce great sports video. The SmartCuts team has plenty of experience in sports video production, whether on the field, in the pool or in the office, for sports video is also, sometimes, corporate video.

UEFA Committees Congress Video

Every year, UEFA gathers its committee members from across the federation to showcase achievements and ambitions. Presentations used to be done in person, which was long and decreasingly popular. That’s why UEFA asked SmartCuts Creative to come up with a video that would deliver the committees’ key messages in a snappy, dynamic way. The result was a savvy combination of video and animation.

Watch this sports video and read the full case study.

Read UEFA’s review of SmartCuts Creative.

ITA Doping Control Officer Program Video

This sports video was mandated by the International Testing Agency to promote its training program for doping control officers. As SmartCuts Creative does a lot of video production for ITA, much of the footage used in this video was pulled from other productions. The goal was to make the job of IDCO come across as appealing, all the while delivering key information about the program.

Watch this sports video and read the full case study.

Read ITA’s review of SmartCuts Creative.

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Sport video case study


Sport Video for UEFA

Every year, UEFA holds a corporate congress at which its multiple committees across Europe gather to present their accomplishments, challenges and goals. Trouble is, doing so in person, on stage took time…too much time.

When a task force from UEFA’s communications department called us in to discuss the problem, they told us that many were leaving the room when the chairmen took the stand. The mission was to come up with a solution.

Back to the top

After analyzing the situation, we proposed to use a combination of video and animation to deliver the committee’s key messages in a much more succinct and dynamic way. The footage would come from UEFA’s archives, and we would handle the animated elements. This was sports video of a different ilk than we were used to producing, but the challenge was stimulating, and our creative team was up to it.

Given the stakes, the quality of the production had to be top-of-the-line, so 3D animation was a no-brainer. Together, we decided to create an introduction with children getting together on a football field. There, they pull out a magazine, which we did up in a panini sticker book style.

Read UEFA’s review of SmartCuts Creative.

This became the pretext to introduce each committee chairman, as if they were players. We then animated in text to deliver certain key points, and then segued to video footage that illustrated the achievements being enumerated by the voice over. To keep things fresh and varied, we opted to toggle between a man and a woman’s voice. The final sports video was shown on a large screen at the congress and posted on the UEFA website.

It was a big success, especially with the top brass, who immediately gave their green light to make this an annual production.

We have since been at it each year, and we are now working with UEFA to provide other, complementary, services to improve the event’s digital coverage and experience for participants. This includes augmented and virtual reality elements, as well as other creative communications solutions.

Sports Video Case Study

International Anti-Doping Agency

Spots Video for ITA

ITA runs a training program for International Anti-Doping Control Officers. To raise-awareness and promote this program, the agency based in La Maison du Sport, in Lausanne, reached out to SmartCuts Creative for video production.

Back to the top

Initially, we did mostly testimonial videos, but eventually we were asked to put together a full promotional video for the IDRC training program. This video was put together with footage shot by SmartCuts, but also stock footage, which, when chosen carefully and not overused, can be a very cost-effective solution for video production of this kind.

We also helped ITA by shooting and editing modular training videos for this program. These online videos provide case studies, shot as role-plays, which show trainees what to do in various situations as IDRC officers.

Read ITA’s review of SmartCuts Creative.

This collaboration shows that sports video is not necessarily footage of athletes in action, but rather corporate video, tailored to the world of sports. We have an ongoing professional relationship with ITA, producing much of their video content.

Q&A on Sports Video Production:

Why sports video?

Get ready to run, kick, jump, and dive right into sports video production. Life in motion presents its unique challenges with specific considerations for live streaming events and for video projects that go through the post-production process. Sports fans show up for the unpredictable. Fast-paced and unscripted action can leave inexperienced camera crews scrambling to capture moments that populate daily sports highlight reels. Going with just one camera is a rookie mistake. A static camera will miss close-up action, and a single moving camera will need to move constantly. The obvious answer is to set up a multi-camera shoot to enable live and post-production shot changes. It is also important to bring the right tech to shoot athletes in motion. Camera settings need to be optimized to track fast movement, enough CPU power needs to be on hand, and video encoding settings need to be set to a high bit rate for high resolution. If you feel like there are a lot of moving parts here, it’s because there are. Call in the experienced crew at SmartCuts so you can relax and enjoy the game.

Image showing a sports video to illustrate the production service offered by Smartcuts Creative in Geneva and Lausanne for creative communication purposes

Why sports video with SmartCuts?

SmartCuts Creative serves a growing number of sports federations and organizations, such as UEFA and the International Testing Agency. Whether you need live coverage, a corporate video for your sports organization, or a video package highlighting a team or athlete, SmartCuts Creative is here to play. We began doing sports video production for the World Boxing Federation back in 2010 and have since worked for a growing number of sports federations and organizations. SmartCuts Creative has developed teams specializing in every different form of video production, including animation, virtual reality, and interactive video. We provide creative expertise and a technically advanced video production service to the Lake Geneva region. We consider it of great value to this region, a hub for International Sports Federations and Organizations, to offer a local audiovisual production service in mother-tongue English and French. The SmartCuts Creative service goes beyond the mere capacity to shoot and edit compelling videos. We also have Switzerland’s first and only 360° green-screen studio, which opens many doors when it comes to virtual video production. We also have trained communicators and producers on staff who can provide coaching and pertinent advice when it comes to creating powerful audiovisual content for B2B and B2C marketing and communications.

How does it work? 

We jump out of our blocks and socks when you pull your starter pistol’s trigger. SmartCuts Creative is accustomed to being kept on its toes by constantly being met with new tech and crew challenges. We are waiting to hear all about your sports video project. After we team up,  SmartCuts Creative gathers key team leaders and players. Shoot days are planned down to every detail, backed up by contingency plans, and executed by flexible and reactive crews. Both conventional and specialty post-production are available in-house to edit and create video assets according to your specifications. Match your exemplary sport event, organization, and athletes, with SmartCuts Creative and you’ll have a winning combination you can bet on.

Image showing a sports video to illustrate the production service offered by Smartcuts Creative in Geneva and Lausanne for creative communication purposes

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