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Extended reality can be used for a myriad purposes, from wowing your audience and keeping them coming back for more, to training your staff. The technology keeps getting better all the time, and often it’s under-used because it is not well-known enough by those who would stand to benefit from it most. At Fullframe Creative, we have years of experience in extended reality production for our clients.

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Open up new horizons for your creative communications with customized virtual and augmented reality solutions.

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Augmented reality explained

Why virtual augmented reality?

Virtual and augmented reality superimposes digital data and images on the real world, creating a composite view of computer-generated information over, and interacting with, our physical environment. The definition of the verb “augment” is to make greater, more numerous, larger, or more intense”. Augmented and virtual reality can add to real-life experiences with graphics, sounds, haptic feedback, and even smell!

The most common way consumers are currently experiencing virtual and augmented reality is through glasses designed for AR and VR, as well as through screens, such as tablets and smartphones. Consumers can use augmented reality to virtually try on clothing, test cosmetic looks, see how a new bed would look in their bedroom before purchase, and to test out new paint colors on their walls. Augmented and virtual reality also have commercial and scientific applications in the construction and healthcare sectors. They are being used to plan procedures, such as large experimental architecture and tumor removal operations. In this way, stress tests can be performed, and potential missteps revealed and addressed before the first brick is laid or the first cut incised.

Virtual reality technology and applications continue to improve, and the cost continues to drop, making it more and more accessible. SupplyChainBrain has found that about 60% of consumers prefer stores that use augmented reality, and 40% of consumers would pay more for products after experiencing them through virtual reality. Almost two-thirds of companies still don’t use AR and VR technology. If you want to beat the competition, explore how your business can use this technology and get ahead now.

Why virtual augmented reality with Fullframe?

Fullframe Creative has the technology to back up our creative game. We do in-house what other marketing teams outsource. Fullframe is proud to offer Switzerland’s only 360-degree green screen video production studio.

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This means we can shoot just about any scene with extensive camera movement and the green screen can be made transparent and used in the creation of augmented and virtual reality experiences. We also have in-house website developers, photographers, and graphic designers contributing web-ready visual assets for e-commerce websites. Fullframe Creative has experience producing video for the medical industry and is ready to apply extended reality technology to any sector of business. Augmented and virtual reality are a great way to be guided through a museum, cultural landmark, and even a city tour. There are so many known applications where extended reality has proven to be successful that Fullframe Creative is continuously adding new applications of this innovative and impactful approach to creative communication.

How does it work?

When you bring your vision for your augmented reality project to Fullframe Creative, you’ll be met with knowledge, experience, and excitement. We love flexing our creative muscle in exceptional new ways, and with new technology, to show off as part of our extensive portfolio. The workflow for AR projects, like most projects, have initial, middle, and final stages. To begin with, we detail and map out your goals, including timeline and budget parameters.

Image showing a businessman with virtual reality goggles to illustrate the virtual and augmented reality service offered by Fullframe creative agency studio in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland for the purposes of creative communication.

As our team gets into developing some of the assets for your extended reality experience, you will be provided with test files to make sure our concept of “reality” is the same as yours. We go forward to edit, refine, and produce a final product that meets the highest industry standards.

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