Video Ads Showreel

Watch our video advertising showreel. This shows samples of our work in this kind of video production and provides a sense of how important and impactful video ads can be when used as a creative communication tool.


The Swiss Facebook team mandated SmartCuts to work on Nestlé TV ads to make sure they looked great, not only on large screens, but also on mobile phones and tablets. The challenge was to keep the message clear and compelling while making them more concise and palatable.

Watch the video ads and read the full case study.


CNN Money Switzerland was approached by Switzerland’s big watchmakers, and the tourism office of the Jura, to produce branded content, a type of long-form video advertising that, in this case, combines promoting top-name watch brands and the Jura region as a whole. CNN outsourced the production of these video ads from A to Z to SmartCuts. We covered Zenith and Longines, as well as for Swatch and Omega.

Watch this video ad and read the full case study.

Read CNN’s review of SmartCuts Creative.


When Nespresso approached us to produce an ad for their Gold Capsule coffee tasting competition, we decided to play on the ability to recognize a capsule by its mere aroma, which is the ideal Nespresso aspires to for all its employees. We were asked to incorporate animated elements to explain the challenge, as well as to include footage we had shot from previous editions. The goal was to motivate all potential participants to sign up and try their luck at guessing right on all coffees they tasted.

Watch this video ad and read the full case study.

Read Nespresso’s review of SmartCuts Creative.

Nagra Kudelski

We were mandated to produce this ad to show how Nagra Kudelski was using metadata embedded in streaming video to deliver to viewers extra information on what they were watching online. The challenge was to deliver enough information to clarify the concept, without turning the ad into an explainer video. We started off with a hook that showed metagravy in action, and then switched to a more informative section of the video.

Watch this video ad and read the full case study.

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Advertising Video Gallery

Video advertising case study 1 – nestle video ads on facebook

Facebook social media adverts

Video Ad for Facebook

The Swiss Facebook team, based in Geneva, got in touch asking us to help conceive and edit social media versions of video ads produced for Nestlé.

The goal was to show the Swiss food giant that it could get far more mileage out of its expensive video ads than it was currently getting.

Anything extraneous was dropped. This project was a perfect opportunity to put the spirit behind our company name into action: making smart cuts to content so that only the best remained – the best being determined by the goals and the circumstances. As we all know, ROI is key. Facebook sent a producer to the SmartCuts studio. Together, we worked on recasting three of Nestlé’s top performing ads for social media.

Watch the full series of video ads and read the full case study.

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Video for the web and television is, nowadays, almost exclusively made in 16:9 aspect ratio, but this is not ideal for social media platforms, which people often visit on their smartphones, held vertically, and in circumstances where listening to the audio may not be an option.

With the Facebook producer, SmartCuts video editors worked on converting these video ads to 9:16 ratio and adding text bubbles in animation to drive the message in a simple way, replacing the need for audio to understand. We also cut the videos much shorter. Even though the original video ads were already fairly compact, for social media marketing, we needed something even tighter. Facebook and SmartCuts worked together to make intelligent cuts so that the best and most important parts of the full video ads were retained.

Video advertising case study 2- branded content for CNN Money

CNN Brand Videos

Video Ad for CNN

CNN Money Switzerland came to SmartCuts for video ads of various types, notably branded content. This kind of video advertising aims for longer content that ostensibly revolves around reporting that could almost pass for news, but is, really, focused on highlighting a certain company, service, product or even region.

This was the case for a video ad series we produced for CNN in canton Jura. The region’s tourism office wanted to showcase attractions and economic heavy-weights, and those very same famous watchmakers all wanted the publicity on a channel that reaches hundreds of millions of viewers. To produce this series we worked closely with all stakeholders to draft detailed storyboards so that each sortie to the Jura would be as efficient and effective as possible, thereby providing an optimal return on investment.

Unfortunately, the autumn was not an ideal season for exterior shoots, and it was impossible to align CEO availability with moments of sunshine, so a lot of the outside shots are a bit grey. The drone videographer was particularly frustrated, as these were great opportunities to bring back quality footage.

Nevertheless, the video ad series was a big success and well received by Zenith, Longines, Swatch and Omega, as well as CNN and Jura’s tourism office.

Read CNN’s review of SmartCuts Creative for Video Advertising Production.

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Video advertising case study 3 – internal communications ad for nespresso

Adverts for Nespresso

Video Ad for Nespresso

Every year, Nespresso’s Sensory Team, that used to be based at Nespressos’s Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, organizes a coffee tasting competition called Gold Capsule. Since 2016, it has relied on SmartCuts Creative to produce video ads to promote this event internally.

Each year our team finds fresh ideas for creative communications around the competition, which draws participants from Nespresso regional offices around the world. By adding high-quality animated typography, as well as a dynamic photo montage, we avoided these contributions creating an amateurish feel to the video ad. Creating these videos ads for Nespresso is always a pleasant challenge to take up because we are given both an adequate budget and a well-nigh blank check in terms of creativity. The standard is high, but the team working with us is open-minded and not afraid to take risks in terms of creative communication.

Read Nespresso’s reviews of SmartCuts Creative for Video advertising Production.

We are often asked to incorporate footage shot during the competition itself, and to produce animation to add variety to the video ads. The goal is always to motivate potential participants to sign up and try their luck.

In addition to the video ads we produce prior to the events, we also provide video and photo coverage during the competitions, as well as advice to Nespresso’s Sensory team to help them find innovative ways to cover their Gold Capsule competitions.

For one edition, we decided to make something of a parody of the famous George Clooney video ads. For another, we got Nespresso staff to shoot quick selfie videos explaining what they got out of participating in the previous year’s edition of the competition.

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Video advertising case study 4 – new product ad for Nagra Kudelski

Nagra Kudelski Advertisement Video

Video Ad for Nagra Kudelski

Metagravy is the name of the product we had to promote with this video ad mandated by the Nagra Kudelski Group. The idea is that while watching a film or any TV show containing metadata, you can use a smartphone or tablet to call up information about what you’re watching.

The video contains a few examples of this, notably a man watching The Lord of the Rings in his family home. Nagra wanted an ad, but also something of an explainer, because this technology was rather new. In order to generate interest and engagement, the concept had to be explained somewhat, and not just promoted.

The promotional part of the video ad got the bulk of the budget, however. The explainer section was simpler to produce, as it relied on stock footage and animation rather than shooting scenes with actors in full-blown sets. Nagra Kudelski was happy with the results of this production.

SmartCuts Creative has been producing video for the Nagra Kudelksi Group since 2015. We have done video ads for the multinational, but also lots of event coverage video, corporate video, branded content and internal communications video.

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Why video advertising?

Video is increasingly popular and effective. It’s no longer a statistic; it’s a well-known fact: your target audience is watching video, lots of video, and that’s true pretty much no matter who comprises your target audience.

  • Over 90% of B2B prospects watch online video;
  • 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube alone every day;
  • Approximately 35% of shoppers will buy a product after viewing a video ad, according to Amazon and eBay.
Image showing an advertising video to illustrate the realization service offered by Smartcuts Creative in Geneva and Lausanne for creative communication purposes

Why video advertising with SmartCuts?

SmartCuts Creative has mastered strategic video advertising campaigns. We have a well-oiled brainstorming hive of creatives who develop visual and scripted concepts designed specifically to persuade. We have our finger on the pulse of demographic trends and present a call to action specifically directed to your brand’s target audience. Successful video advertising can go viral when shared through social media.

Image showing an advertising video to illustrate the realization service offered by Smartcuts Creative in Geneva and Lausanne for creative communication purposes

If your video ad is funny, clever, uses wordplay, is visually striking, and features great music or a catchy jingle, it is more likely to be shared and boost your brand’s visibility in the marketplace. SmartCuts Creative designs advertising videos not only to persuade but also to be memorable and competitive.

How does it work?

From our first meeting, outlining your advertising video project goals, your brand’s success is our central focus. SmartCuts Creative will create storyboards, draft scripts, and rough edits and give you ample opportunity to provide feedback via Video Review Pages. We target your brand’s demographic on their preferred media platforms and with advertising video formatted to be experienced on their most-used media devices.

Precise data-based advertising avoids wasting time and money optimizing your ROI. SmartCuts Creative will produce concise video advertising messaging that positions your brand above its competitors. We will bring to your advertising video project over 10 years of experience producing hundreds of compelling corporate videos for a range of local and high-profile clients.

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